USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center: Vanessa Velez (Bio Sci Lab Tech (Fish))

Vanessa Velez

Bio Sci Lab Tech (Fish)
Employer: USGS
Staff Type: Center Staff
Duty Station: Columbia, MO
Branch: Biochemistry / Physiology: Physiology
Phone: (573) 441-2958
Fax: (573) 876-1896

In The News

  • Something Fishy in the Water
    Wednesday, November 25, 2009
    Dean Reynolds, Correspondent: "Something strange is happening to the fish in America's rivers, lakes and ponds. Chemical pollution seems to be disrupting their hormones, blurring the line between male and female."  text  Read More
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      • Vanessa Velez (Bio Sci Lab Tech (Fish))
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    • Jamie Quade (Administrative Officer)
    • Chris Henke, IT Branch Chief (Supervisory Info Tech Specialist)
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